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  • SPA H14 hours

    - monday closed
    - tue | sat 10am - 9pm
    - sunday 11am - 8pm


    Paid SPA services with privileged prices for hotel guests


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    Free Wi-Fi throughout the SPA, in the hotel and in the rooms

Massage relaxation and well-being...

Located in the center of Turin and open to all those who want to indulge in relaxation and well-being in the city center SPA H14 offers a selection of accurate and professional massages among which you can surely find the ones that do it for you.

From massages with hot stones to those relaxing, our wellness professionals will really rejuvenate yourself at every opportunity.


Our proposals:

  • Linphatic Dranage Massage 30'

    Technique to reactivate blood circulation and eliminate the sense of heaviness, to regain relaxation and well-being by focusing on a specific part of the body (face, back, legs, feet)

  • Sports Massage 30' or 45'

    Suitable for the athlete who wants to activate the muscles before the competition or training or as a relaxing massage after the activity, helping to eliminate toxins and promoting the recovery of fluency and mobility.

  • Decontractive Massage 30' or 45'

    Useful in case of pain caused by contractures and muscle tension. It focuses on the whole back, cervical, dorsal and lumbar. It exerts an analgesic action and promotes general relaxation

  • Relaxing Massage 30' or 45'

    Ritual of beauty that returns deep softness and tone to the tissues, regenerating them. Intense cuddles that hydrate, relax and give serenity to the heart and mind for total psycho-physical wellbeing

  • Aromatic Massage 45'

    Slow and relaxing massage that is performed with slow movements and deep clutches in order to guarantee the absorption of the essences

  • Riflexology 45'

    Holistic treatment that restores the energetic balance of the body through the stimulation of precise points reflected in the feet, in relation with the different organs and systems, for a preventive action

  • Cervical Treatment 45'

    Suitable for relieving cervical pains in shoulders and shoulder blades due to incorrect postures (in sleep, at work, etc.)

  • Antistress Massage 45'

    Suitable treatment to release accumulated stress and discharge tension. Very light and fluid massage, performed with harmonic and slow movements

  • Couples Massage in the Salt Cave 45' or 60'

    Relaxing or more intense couples massage inside the Salt Cave, to discover a moment of pleasure for two

  • Balancing Energy 45'

    The seven energy chakras make man in complete harmony with himself and with the universe. Treatment capable of restoring energy balance in the body, guaranteeing new vigor and well-being

  • Four-handed Massage 45' ! NEW !

    Harmonized manual skills of two operators who create a rhythmic, relaxing and continuous flow, capable of giving tone and relaxation

  • Manual Linph Drainage 60'

    Technique that performs maneuvers able to move and push the lymph gently towards natural breakouts, without damaging the structures of the blood and lymphatic capillaries

  • Bambù Massage 60'

    Vigorous biostimulant massage. It is performed using special bamboo canes. The lymphatic drainage effect combines with the benefits of reflexology, generating waves of well-being that reach the spirit

  • Hot Stone Massage 60'

    Very ancient technique used by the tribes of the native Indians of America. The technique uses hot stones of volcanic origin. The stones are slipped with hot oil and the heat releases energy

  • Candle Massage 60'

    Relaxing massage with candles based on coconut oil, aloe vera, soybean oil and beeswax, able to dissolve the tensions restoring tone and vigor to the body, in harmony with sweet and natural scents